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The Creative Heart of Freedom

This post comes from a talk developed for Creative Mornings.

The theme, FREE, led me into a deep heart exploration of my life journey. I hope my words offer inspiration and open the space for your inner truth.

The Creative Heart of Freedom

Freedom, true freedom, comes from our hearts. The space of deep connection with our whole self lies in our chest. The heart is always free, no matter what our surroundings are saying. The heart remembers that freedom lies within, and all the rest is illusion.

How do we reclaim the capacity to connect with our heart? and listen to its powerful voice?

Our creative energy invites us every day to create and shape our reality according to the desires of our hearts. It encourages to trust ourselves and our potential as creators.

Freedom doesn’t come from solitude. It awakens through community. Together, we are free and can bridge a sense of freedom everywhere in our society. The place of the heart knows it and reaches for connection every day. Our primary desire, as human beings, is to connect with each other and experience oneness and unity of heart, the essence of freedom.

Embodiment is a practice of freedom. Our needs, the needs of our body, are a compass to freedom. 

How do we navigate a society that has at its core the repression of our needs? 

We merge into the ability to listen. We create space for our heart so that, despite all the conditioning, it can guide our way. We reach out for support. We enter the state of sacred reciprocity, and regain the freedom of being who we are.

Freedom is the alchemy of thoughts magnetised into being. The freedom of the heart is the gift of the soul embodied in physicality through joy and light, darkness and sorrow.

A creative heart doesn’t know the word limitation. It holds the truth at its core, and by knowing the truth, the heart knows that it’s free.


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