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Courses, workshops, energy meditation/ transmissions

and beautiful art products are availble online. 


You can now access and download our products directly from the website and listen to every meditation or course at home in your own time. Please enjoy!


It is a real honour and gift to share this work with you. My intention is to transform this space into an evrergrowing library full of resources for your creative and healing journey. ​Thank you for being part of my path of sharing and growth. 



My personal experience with the online world

Before the transformative 2020 I was incredibly sceptic in sharing resources online and especially in using them myself. Then everything changed. Like most of us I received the great encouragment to explore the online world with a different eye. I attented painting classes in the States, Illustration courses in Italy, trained in Tantra Yoga in Scotland, explored Divine Healing with a teacher from France and much more. Suddenly, the whole world became my platform of learning. That expansion in perspective but also in actual connections opened my mind and planted the seed for something new to emerge. Within that time I also started to share my work online. I offered creative workshops, energy healing sessions and trainings, and people from many countries attended. I was amazed! The whole experience led me to appreciate and see the possibility behind tecnology and the online sector.

I find the experience with online products very empowering, as our will and determination receive a great boost. We are in charge of our physical space and become more aware of how we approach things and life itself (to bring them into completion? are we easily distracted? how much can we stick to our commitments). Also, studying online break the gap between a studio space and our own environment, which allows us to cultivate a more stedy and sustainable practice, 

If you have any questions or wish to share your experience please get in touch or phone/text 07556575645.

Guided meditations, Shamanic journeys & Energy transmissions

Viaggi sciamanici e meditazioni energetiche in Italiano

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