Learning Reiki



If you feel called to learn the System of Reiki, trust your intuition as often this is a desire that comes directly from the Soul. The practice of Reiki invites us to rediscover our true self, the bright light within that is simply waiting for our attention.

The System of Reiki offers many different tools that you can apply in your daily life and can support your self-development. The teachings are divided into three levels. They all provide specific practices that you can access to support your wellbeing.

Reiki Level 1 SHODEN 

Beginner Course, 1 Day and a half training

Personal Development - This is your introduction to the Reiki System. During this course you will learn:

  • What is Reiki

  • History of Reiki

  • How to use Reiki in your daily life

  • Reiki principles

  • Meditations and practices to connect with Reiki

  • Hands-on healing & Self healing practices 

  • Reiki 1 attunement

Exchange: £150 / £130 /£110* (high/ medium/ low income)

Reiki Level 2 OKUDEN

Intermediate Course, 2 Days training

Practitioner Level - This certificate allows you to practice with the public if you wish

  •  Reiki symbols, their meaning & mantras

  • How to work with the symbols

  • Reiki 2 attunements

  • Distant healing practice

  • Meditation with the symbols

  • Professional guidance, becoming a practitioner 

Exchange: £180 / £160 /£140* (high/ medium/ low income)

Reiki Level 3 SHINPIDEN
Advance Course, 2 Days training

Reiki Master Level

  • Revision of Reiki Level 1 and Level 2

  • Exploring your experience with Reiki and your intention for this training

  • Reiki Master attunement

  • Practice with the Master Symbol and advanced tools

  • Meditations & healing practices

  • Teacher responsibilities

  • Reiki courses codes of practice

  • Learning how to perform Reiju and attunements

Exchange: £220 / £200 /£180* (high/ medium/ low income)

If you wish to further develop your skills as a teacher I also offer a further training designed to support your path as a Reiki teacher. This is an additional day training that can be scheduled together or after the Master Level.

*Trainings are offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means (high/ medium/ low income). One manual is included within each training.

If you have any question or wish to arrange a training simply email infowellbeingstudio@gmail.com or phone 07556575645

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