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Reiki Training

Level 1, 2, 3



If you feel called to learn the System of Reiki, trust your intuition as often this is a desire that comes directly from the Soul. The practice of Reiki invites us to rediscover our true self, the bright light within that is simply waiting for our attention.​


The System of Reiki offers many different tools for our daily life that can support our self-development. The teachings are divided into three levels, and offer the opportunity to deepen a personal journey and/or to share this work with the public (either as practitioner or teacher). They all provide specific practices that can support a state of inner connection and wellbeing. 

Reiki Level 1 SHODEN 

Beginner Course, 1 Day training

Personal Development - This is your introduction to the Reiki System. During this course you will learn:

  • What is Reiki

  • History of Reiki

  • How to use Reiki in your daily life

  • Reiki principles

  • Meditations and practices to connect with Reiki

  • Hands-on healing & Self healing practices 

  • Reiki 1 attunement

Exchange: £180 / or £160* 

Reiki Level 2 OKUDEN

Intermediate Course, 2 Days training

Practitioner Level - This certificate allows you to practice with the public if you wish

  • Reiki symbols, their meaning & mantras

  • How to work with the symbols

  • Reiki 2 attunements

  • Distant healing practice

  • Meditation with the symbols

  • Professional guidance, becoming a practitioner

Exchange: £200 / or £180*

Reiki Level 3 SHINPIDEN
Advance Course, 2 Days training

Reiki Master Level

  • Revision of Reiki Level 1 and Level 2

  • Exploring your experience with Reiki and your intention for this training

  • Reiki Master attunement

  • Practice with the Master Symbol and advanced tools

  • Meditations & healing practices

  • Teacher responsibilities

  • Reiki courses codes of practice

  • Learning how to perform Reiju and attunements

Exchange: £220 / or £200* 

If you wish to further develop your skills as a teacher I also offer a further training designed to support your path as a Reiki teacher. This is an additional day training that can be scheduled together or after the Master Level.

*Group trainings are offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget. All the courses include one printed manual. Please note that 1:1 training are offered at regular exchange cost.

If you have any question or wish to arrange a training simply email or phone 07556575645

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