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Feather Stone Energy Healing

Training Level 2



Feather Stone Level 2 invites you to move deeper within the practice. During the training we will explore the healing gifts of sound and will strengthen our connection with guides and spirit helpers. We will embody their energy to bring our work into further growth and development, and our voice will become a vessel for cleansing and transmuting energies.

This level of Feather Stone will support your own personal practice as well as your work with others. You might have noticed how already your practice has changed and transformed since you have done the Level 1. There is so much more to explore and remember and the second level offers a deeper exploration of the work. We will use with the power of sound and will learn how to incorporate it within the sessions, and will also explore deeper techniques for chakras cleansing and minor extractions. 

The Level 2 is all about self-empowerment and so it is the beautiful Circle of Power Ceremony, which will support your path and clear any blockage that you are ready to release.

The practice of Feather Stone has been discovered and developed by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday, founders of The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre, together with the guidance of Spirit

It is with joy and gratitude that I am sharing these teachings and a strong intention to be a vessel for love, change, and transformation. 

Level 2 Training

During the Level 2 Training we will explore the following:

  • Sounds and voice in the work: Using your voice and sounds to help you to go deeper.

  • Working with your power animals: For when you are working with heavier energies.

  • Working with your Spirit guides: Letting go of the self in order to be a clearer channel.

  • Opening and closing chakras for cleansing, spinning, balancing and alignment: One of the deepest works in energy healing.

  • Working with addictions: Aura cleansing and balancing for clients who struggle with addiction.

Circle of Power Ceremony

"The Circle of Power Ceremony is a ceremony to integrate deeper levels of bringing in the power for the work. The ceremony brings further deeper remembrance of our ancient healing skills, empowering each individual all the way."

This ceremony supports an intention of renewal and new beginnings. It invites your True self to take a further step onto the path of transformation. In my experience, it can foster beautiful changes, as it helps us to see with more clarity why and where the energy is not flowing properly in our life. Once we see it, we can shift it, choosing to flow with the truest part of our being, with our Heart and Spirit.


Preparation for the Ceremony: The three days before the ceremony, it is advisable to avoid eating red meat, and drinking alcohol. It is suggested to minimise the use of caffeine and if you smoke, please smoke as little as possible. This will support the process of purification of the physical body and will allow the energies to work more efficiently and deeper.




What you will need: your feathers, stones and any instruments or tools that support your practice (drum, rattles, singing bowls, etc.), a good internet connection, and a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.


Feather Stone level 1 is a pre-requirement to enter level 2.

There are no case studies for level 2 as it is a continuation of your professional development. Everything you learn will just be added to your practice.

Exchange: £220/ or £180 The course is offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget 

Date/Time: Available on request - One day training 10am till 5pm


For more information and to book please email or phone 07556575645

Image by Javardh
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