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Shamanic Healing

Training Level 3 

walking in sacredness

the golden path of light

available Online


The Level 3 invites us to expand our sacred path and intimate connection with our soul consciousness and gifts. We are ready to embrace the changes ahead and see with open eyes what is true behind the veil. The illusion of separation and lack can leave our field, allowing us to feel plenty of all we need. The heart awakens further and can now project the soul's reality into physical form with more ease.



We come from a place of integration and oneness with all of life. From this place, we can access deep work and release further density within our field and the energy of others. We enter a true path of service that enhances our gifts and talents for the highest good. 

The previous trainings have cultivated our field and grounded our shamanic path. We have shed the old self and created space for the new. Our shadow is now a friend, the body has started its process of crystallisation, and the mind is more in service of the soul. Our awareness can then fully expand. We are ready to meet new allies and connect with higher frequency. We are ready to collaborate with the invisible world on the next level of this embodied experience.



Through the course we will explore the following modules: 

Module 1 - Entering the Self

Exploring the connection with our inner council

Guides and power animals medicine

Healing ceremony for individuals & communities

Module 2 - Inner Child Work

Empowering the child within

Reclaiming hidden and stolen soul parts 

Healing violence and sexual abuse

Module 3 - Empowering the Shadow

Breaking the separation within

Creating wholeness and freedom

Embodiment of our full potential

Module 4 - Soul/Body frequency

Raising the frequency of our body

Cleansing practices for wellbeing

Ayurveda & the elements

(pre-recorded module/ optional)

Module 5 - Darkness into Light

Clearing curses and black magic 

Tapping into deeper ceremony for healing

Transforming negative energy into love

Module 6 - Ancestral DNA  

Journeying through the DNA portal 

Transforming and releasing the past

Ceremony for the ancestors

Module 7 - Earth Healing 

Working with the Crystal Skull consciousness

Dragon Energy within the Earth

Awakening dormant energy & restoring balance

Module 8 - Dragon Energy

Attunements to the Dragon Light language

Journeying with the Elemental Dragons

Cosmic & Galactic Dragons

Module 9 - Plants & Fairy Consciousness

Working with vibrational essences

Journeying with the elementals

Ceremony of reciprocity

Module 10 - Angels & Unicorns

Accessing the gifts of the angelic realms

Receiving the codes of Unconditional love

Energy Healing transmissions & ceremony

Module 11 - Energy Arts (Third Level)

Becoming the creative alchemist

Working with the Arts & Cacao medicine 

Expansion of our creative potential

Module 12 - Goddess Attunements 

Working with the Magdalene Energy

Reconnecting with the Rose lineage

Goddess Empowerment Transmission

The Level 3 is a twelve modules programme scheduled online. It is offered via Zoom. The course includes live teachings, a summary PDF of each meeting and some additional audio recordings that you can unfold in your own time. 


Exchange: The training is offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget. You can pay every month or all in one payment.

Please note that when you commit to the year training you are committing to cover the quote of all the nine modules even if you don't attend.

**For 1:1 trainings please enquire for further informations.

Prerequisite: The training is open to all those who have completed Shamanic Healing Level 2 and Feather Stone Energy HealingIf you have not trained with me before but would like to join simply get in touch.


For more information and to book please email or phone 07556575645

In the circle, we share, learn and heal. In community we grow, expand and transform.

We are a vessel of life. We are cosmic creative force embodied on Earth.


Standing tall and conscious through the creation of New Earth, we own the power of our soul. 

Resting our hands on the heart, we dream and waive what is new for ourselves and others. 

Restoring balance from a place of love and unity, we remember why we are here. 

We are the anchors of new codes of light as the world unfolds

within our arms and awaken hearts.

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