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Healing Paintings

Healing paintings are the result of a deep meditative process where I work with energy and intentions, and allow beautiful colours and abstract shapes to freely flow onto the canvas. The paint is poured directly onto the surface underneath, slowly allowing the subject to reveal itself. 

Original paintings, prints and commissions are available. The artwork can be created on canvas or paper, depending on your requirements. I normally work with acrylic paint but could also incorporate oil pastels, and earth pigments. The size of the artwork can vary, starting from A5 till A1 and above.

How does it work?

The paintings can be infused with the energies that you wish to call into your life or your loved ones. You are welcome to ask for specific energies, such as peace, love, gratitude, joy, wisdom, etc, or we can simply work with your intention.

I can work intuitively and allow the energies that wish to support you to come forward. The paintings are created through a ceremony where I open a sacred space for guidance and blessings to flow. They will contain the essence of your intention and the energies that you have requested. The painting will radiate and emanate them into your home, and your body, mind and soul will be able to absorb them at your own pace. 

Healing paintings can also be a great tool for meditation. Every channeled painting is unique as it flows around its purpose and intention. The colours, shapes and symbols that arise within the paintings are always guided by the highest good.

Most of the artworks below are availble in print format and cards. If you are interested in buying an original work simply get in touch. Commissions are also welcome.

Delivery available within 4/5 working days (UK & International)


  • A5 (15 x 21 cm) - £15 + postage (Free on the first order in the Uk)

  • A4 (29 x 21 cm) - £18 + postage (Free on the first order in the Uk)

  • Cards (available in package of 5) £15 + postage (Free on the first order in the Uk)

       or £3.50 each, collection available in Edinburgh

Please email or phone/text 07556575645. 

    Cacao Ceremony & Affirmations Series

More Paintings for You

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