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Cacao Ceremony
1:1 sessions & Groups Ceremony
in-person and online

Cacao is a wonderful healer and restorative Spirit. The medicine of the Heart and the Womb, awakens our True self to a deeper level of understanding and embodyiment. Her loving and playful nature invites us to create, express our voice and celebrate who we are in all the aspects of life.

It is with great joy and honour that I offer this work. The path of the heart is a magical journey of discovery and rediscovery of truth, beauty and grace. I believe that we all have the right to experience who we are, and explore our true potential as human beings and spiritual beings alike.

Cacao offers us the space to reconnect with our inner essence, often covered up by layers of conditioning, programmes, expectations and traumas. Her loving energy warms up our heart with the unconditional love

of Mother Nature.

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   Photo credits Lilia Dolicher

She makes us feel safe inside our physical body and welcome on the Earth, our planet home in this current life time experience. This is an essential component when dealing with traumas as first we need to restore the sense of safety inside. In many traditions Cacao is considered an alchemical energy as it has the capacity to trasmute fear into love.  There are many ways that we can all benefit from this powerful and generous ally. Below there are a few samples but truly this work always develops around your intentions.

Cacao & Creativity: From painting to singing, writing or dancing, this beautiful medicine supports the awakening of our true creative nature. It offers an opportunity of expansion into our creative gifts and potential as creators. The Spirit of Cacao also helps us to connect deeply with our Heart's dreams and desires, and  manifest what we truly wish to experience and call forth in our life.

Cacao & Ancestral Work: Ancestral work can shift and touch many layers of our experience. We are our ancestors and are here to continue their path in some ways. Often we find ourselves re-experiencing patterns of our family lines. They surface throughout our life so that we can acknowledge their presence and release them. The plants have the great capacity to enter our system and transform ancient ancestral patterns from within the body. The work has an impact on ourselves but also on the ancestral line, as we are all connected and time dissolves when we are working energetically. In this way we become a bridge of healing for past and future generations alike. 

Cacao & Energy Healing: The Spirit of Cacao can support and foster the energy healing work into a very deep level. The practice allows us to access "hidden corners" of our Soul and transmute deep and dense energies directly from within the body. The plant works in perfect collaboration with the practitioner, and together they support the person in whatever way and modality is most beneficial for them. It is important to mention that despite Cacao offers a gentle and loving energy, compared to other power plants, it is still a very powerful Spirit to work with.

In the Shamanic tradition everything is alive and Nature is infused with Spirit, which is the source of life itself and consciousness embodied in physicality. When we work with plants medicine in a cerimonial way we open a sacred space that enlivens our senses and helps us to remember that we are part of a beautiful an intricate tapestry of energy and life. We consciously honour the Earth and life in all its forms and connect directly with the spirit of the plant we are working with. This allow us to receive all the gifts that Mother Earth has developed for awakening and supporting the journey of her beloved children 

When we work with Cacao it is essential to remember, honour and mention

the traditional ancient origins of this medicine. We thanks the elders for preserving this practice and transmitting it to the younger generations.

Without their work, sacrifices, and love we won't be able to connect with Cacao in this sacred manner anymore. 

I follow the teachings of the plant Spirit directly but I also continuing my studies into

the ancient Mayan culture, through the Aya Pacha community, and my teacher

and friend Maria Amaru Kamaya.

Where: Cacao Ceremony are available upon appointment in-person and online, either at Santosa Wellness Centre 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh or St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road Edinburgh. 

***Cacao is a safe and loving energy to work with. However, it is not recommended for those who are taking anti-depressants, anti-psychosis or with heart conditions.

Exchange: Individual Ceremony £160£140 Two hours session (120 mins) 1:1 in person or online

(ceremonial organic Cacao included)

Group Ceremony £320 / £265 Two to three hours group ceremony in person or online

(ceremonial organic Cacao included - up to 8 participants) Please enquire for further information.


Ceremonies and therapies are offered on a sliding scale.

Please bring your own blanket, water bottle and yoga mat (if you have one). There is hand sanitiser within the premises, and extra cleaning and ventilation in between sessions are in place.

If you wish to arrange a ceremony or wish to discuss any requirements simply get in touch.




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