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Shamanic Healing

Training Level 1

an inner journey through 

the wisdom of your soul

Next starting date: February 2024

Online via Zoom (taking bookings)

The practice of Shamanic Healing invites us to reunite with our sacred path, and remember the journey of our Soul. Through the practice we have the chance to expand our connection with the Earth and the Cosmo, and experience oneness with all of life.


During the training we open our senses into the communication with our Soul, with Spirit and the invisible realms. We learn how to embrace our shadow and light and allow the true self to guide our way.


We also remember that we are not alone on this Earth journey and can access support from both the physical and spiritual world. Our guides, power animals, beings of light, and energies of nature are key allies into this beautiful path of discovery and rediscovery. 

The Shamanic path is a journey of remembering. Everything lies inside our being. The Soul is waiting for us to awaken fully into our greatest gifts and potential as human beings and spiritual beings alike. 


Through the course we will explore the following modules: 

Module 1 - The path of Direct revelation 

Shamanic Journeys as a tool for healing 

Power animals and Spirit guides

Welcome to the circle of creation

Module 2 - Light, Shadow and Oneness

Embracing and discovering who we are 

Healing through the mirror of Nature

Understanding the matrix of reality

Module 3 - The Medicine Wheel

Exploring the seven directions

Understanding the movement of energy  

As above so below: seeing the world as consciousness

Module 4 - Energy Healing 

The gift of channeling

Energy healing practices

Working with plant medicine 

Module 5 - Ceremonies

Honouring the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)

Healing ancestral wounds

Blessings to the land: Earth Healing


Module 6 - Soul Retrieval

Reclaiming our Soul parts

Healing trauma and restoring the true self

Integration and grounding practices

Module 7 - Energy Arts

Working with the Arts to transmute energy

Dancing, Singing, Painting, and Writing for healing

The Healer and the Artist are One

Module 8 - Extractions

Going deeper into the practice

Energy clearing and cord cuttings

Transforming darkness into light

Module 9 - Sacred Fire Ceremony

Embodying who we are

Tapping into the infinite resource of life

Blessings and guidance from Spirit

The Level 1 is a nine months programme scheduled across one year. It is offered online via Zoom, one day a month (except integration months) 10am - 5pm. Integration time is often included within the programme to allow individual space and extra exploration of the practices. The groups are kept small (max 5/8 participants) to offer individual attention and support. The course also includes some recordings of guided journeys to support your own practice.

Next starting date: February 2024

Online via Zoom (taking bookings)


Exchange: The training is offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget £111/ £102 / £95 / £88 (per session/group training). You can pay every month or all in one payment.

Please note that when you commit to the year training you are committing to cover the quote of all the nine modules even if you don't attend.

**For 1:1 trainingsplease enquire for further informations (time and exchange).

Prerequisite: The training is open to all those who feel the call to move deeper within the practice. There is no prerequisite required, however, the short training in Feather Stone Energy Healing Level 1 is highly reccomended. Through the years, I have observed how the practice of Feather Stone can foster and support the connection with Spirit. It can highly enhance the gifts of the training and prepare the ground for further exploration. You can attend it before or during the training.


For more information (dates and schedule) and to book please email or phone 07556575645

May the Light be our guide. May the Sun open up our way and the Moon foster our growth. 

May the Stars and all the Universes be at One with who we are, 

resting deeply into the Light of our awakened Heart.

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