Offering Energy Therapies & Trainings in Edinburgh and around the world. Inner Light Healing Studio is the place where the mind, body, and soul can come together in perfect harmony. Energy healing is all about reconnecting you with who you truly are.

It is about freeing yourself from what is not you so that your inner light can shine freely

into the world.


Inner Light Healing Studio is founded by Elisa Guietti (Rosabianca). She is an holistic therapist and visual artist based in Edinburgh.


Elisa offers energy healing and intuitive art sessions/trainings for adults and children. She trained in Shamanic healing, Feather Stone, and Reiki. Her practice is nature-based and focuses on the awakening of the heart and the creative energy within. She creates a safe space where people can access and remember the beauty of their soul and the universal love within the heart. Her work aims to support and facilitate a deep process of self-discovering, creation, empowerment, and healing.


Elisa is also the founder of the Creativeflow Arts project, where she offers groups and individual sessions that often combine intuitive art with meditation and energy therapies. She collaborates with groups and charity organisations in Edinburgh, providing creative and relaxing sessions for the community. Her work aims to empower people to become who they truly are and bring forward into the world their inner bright light.

Past and recent collaborations include The Planetary Healing Centre, the Reiki School Healing Hands, Studio Santosa, Sunshine Yoga, and The Alma Project. 

Elisa is a member of the PVG Scheme and has a full Public Liability Insurance.

I believe that energy healing is the most natural form of healing, and as well as creativity is available to everyone. It is part of who we are at the deepest core of our being. Studies around the world have now shown repeatedly that our solid reality simply is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Remembering who we are and the truth about this world can empower our lives and support the development of our full potential.

I was very connected to the energy world since childhood but only about six years ago I started to consciously explore its gifts. My understanding is growing gently and steadily, shifting and changing my way of perceiving all the aspects of life.

I love to combine meditation and holistic therapies with art as the process offers a wonderful way to explore the mind, the body, and the soul.

If you wish to find out more about my work please visit http://creativeflowart.com/ or https://artforchanges.com/

Trainings, qualifications and professional development: 

  • Nature Connection Facilitator Training (based on the 8 Shield Model) (2021), The Planetary Healing Centre, Edinburgh

  • Tantra Yoga Practitioner 200 hrs Level 1 (2020/2021), The Alchemy of Living, Edinburgh

  • Foundation in Shamanism – Shamanic Practitioner (2019-2021), Shamanic Centre, Edinburgh

  • Feather & Stone Energy Healing Teacher Training (2020), Shamanic Centre, Edinburgh

  • Reiki Teacher Training  (2020), Reiki School Healing Hands, Edinburgh

  • Foundation in the art of meditation Level 1 (2020), The Art of Meditation

  • Feather & Stone Energy Healing Practitioner Training (2018 – 2019), Shamanic Centre, Edinburgh

  • Meditation Accredited Diploma Teaching Course (2017), Holistic Clinic Falkirk

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 3 (2015-2019), The Reiki Group/Healing Hands Edinburgh, trained with John Hughs and Maija Kovalevska), Edinburgh

Also attended short trainings and workshops in Conscious Movement, Expressive Arts, Drama, Qigong and Tantra.