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Energy Practitioners Group

an open group to foster your gifts as energy practitioner

online meeting for energy healing practitioners

Next meeting Sunday the 18th of June 2023, 4-6pm

Harnessing the abundance portal of the Summer Solstice

These online meetings offer a safe space for growth, community, and healing.  All energy practitioners from different schools and modalities are welcome. We wish to create a nurturing space where we can connect, support each other, and further explore our practice. 

What to expect from these sessions:

  • Energy meditations

  • Group and individual energy work

  • Earth healing practices

  • Community sharing

  • Guidance and support

and much more..




We will start with a little check in, then will move into a gentle guided meditation to open a sacred space and settle our energy for the session. We will then have the chance to move into a group or individual practice. There will be some time to share and/or ask any questions.


Please create a nice and comfortable place for the session, light a candle, use some incense, etc.

Next meeting Sunday the 18th of June 2023, 4-6pm 

Harnessing the abundance portal of the Summer Solstice


To book your space please contact 07556575645 and let us know about your practice. We will send you the Zoom link on the day, about 20 mins before our meeting. 

Please confirm your place by Friday the 16th of June

Exchange for the session: £12 / £10/ £8*

**The sessions are offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget. This offering aims to transform our perception and approach toward monetary exchange and empower our individual and collective experience.

Below there are a couple of free guided meditations from previous sessions. Please create your sacred space (light a candle, use some sage or incense,ect.), lie down and relax. Remember to thanks energy and close the space after the session. 

Image by Francis Nie
White Fire MeditationElise & Tania
00:00 / 23:49
Three Vortexes of CleansingElise & Tania
00:00 / 27:46
Image by Shane Rounce
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