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Shamanic Healing

Training Level 2 

merging with the truth 

of who you are

available Online

This training invites us to continue our journey of self-discovery in the practice of Shamanic Healing. We are ready to embody truth and authenticity within our whole being. We are choosing to remember more and release more also. We are open to receiving direct guidance from our Soul and co-create together with Spirit. 


This level will also empower us to serve and work with our communities.

It is an initiation into the path of selfless service that comes directly from the Heart.

The Level 1 has provided us with a solid ground for our growth into our soul self and a more organic version of our ego identity, shaped and guided by the power of Spirit. Our energy is now ready to expand further into unity. Our body can allow more light in, and our minds have started to trust the bigger picture and co-create with our soul.

The journey of remembering is a never-ending path that can lead us into magical and mysterious territories that perhaps we have never explored before. When we enter this path, we show commitment to our heart, as this call can come only from love. Love is all that we truly are. Love is our soul, and the Spirit of life that flows through everything and everyone.


Through the course we will explore the following modules: 

Module 1 - Shamanic Journeys 

Individual sessions and group journeys

Channeling and meditations 

Instruments, cards and other tools

Module 2 - Soul Retrieval (Second Level)

Retrieving a soul for a client

Healing trauma through the practice

Entering the dark to retrieve the light

Module 3 - Extractions (Second Level)

Entities and attachments

Energy vampires, implants and miasms

Protection practices and tools

Module 4 - Past Lives 

Moving through the vortex of time

Healing the Soul on a deeper level

Changing the past to transform the future

Module 5 - Psychopomp

Helping lost souls to find the light

Clearing houses and places in nature

Connecting with the invisible world

Module 6 - Ancestral Work

Bridging healing into the Ancestral line

Ceremonies for peace, forgiveness and guidance

Working with the medicine of Cacao 

Module 7 - Energy Arts (Second Level)

Transforming the energy through intention

Manifesting with the creative art process

Shadow and light integration

Module 8 - Death Ceremony

Exploring the path of rebirth

Letting go of the false self

Opening up into the Cosmo

Module 9 - Embodying Unity 

Forgiving the Masculine and healing the Feminin

Working with the Goddess energy

Retrieving the power of unity consciousness

The Level 2 is a nine modules programme scheduled online. It is offered via Zoom over weekends. Integration time is often included within the programme to allow individual space and extra exploration of the practices. The groups are kept small to offer individual attention and support. The course includes live teachings and practice sessions, a summary PDF for each meeting and some  audio recordings that you can unfold in your own time. 


Exchange: The training is offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget. You can pay every month or all in one payment.

Please note that when you commit to the year training you are committing to cover the quote of all the nine modules even if you don't attend.

**For 1:1 trainings time might diffear, please enquire for further informations.

Prerequisite: The training is open to all those who have completed Shamanic Healing Level 1 and Feather Stone Energy HealingIf you have not trained with me before but would like to join simply get in touch.


For more information and to book please email or phone 07556575645

While entering the circle of life, we dance into the glory of the Cosmo.

We rejoice into Truth and sing the voice of the Stars.

We remember that the Earth is our Mother and the Sky our beloved Father. 

The Centre becomes our Home, unshakable, rooted, and undisturbed.

Through the journey, we have reclaimed our true nature.

Now we understand the whisper of the Wind and can receive the teachings of the Fire.

We dialogue with the land and move in harmony with the infinite rhythm of Water. 

Image by Greg Rakozy
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