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Feather Stone Energy Healing

Training Level 1

Next training dates 2024 - in Edinburgh & Online 

 June: Sat 15th & Sun 16th (Time & Venue TBC)

October: 26th & 27th (Time & Venue TBC)

more dates might be added according to requests

Feather Stone is a beautiful practice rooted in the shamanic energy healing tradition. It combines the power of unconditional love with the healing energies of nature. The power of unconditional love is the force of the creator, the purest energy of all. When love and compassion flow through our hearts, we become a channel for healing. Within a space of love, we can transform, release and restore energy.

The Feather Stone practitioner works with animal feathers and natural stones, the embodiment of the energy of the Sky and the Earth, the masculine and the feminine energy within the universe. Spirit guides, power animals, beings of light, and energies of nature facilitate and guide the work. We as practitioners are a bridge of light between Spirit anf the physical reality.

The practice of Feather Stone has been developed by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday, founders of The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre, together with the guidance of Spirit

It is with joy and gratitude that I am sharing these teachings. My intention is to be a vessel for love, change, and transformation. 

Level 1 Training

During the Level 1 Training we will explore the following:

Introduction and Ethics of the practice 

  • What does it mean to be a Feather Stone practitioner, heart connection and humble approach

Becoming a channel for Healing

  • Meditation to open awareness and raise vibration

  • Creating a sacred space

  • Listening skills

  • Setting the intent and focus

  • Calling our spiritual guides

  • Calling the energy

Reawakening memories of ancient skills

  • Opening up to intuition and receiving guidance

Exploring the aura and our tools

  • Body scanning/ cleansing

  • Tapping using your hands or tools

  • Feather, Stones and other tools

  • Pulse of the heart: creating the connection

  • Creating your own code

  • Transmuting negative energies

Closure & Practical tips

  • Closing the energies and self cleansing

  • Healing with children, plants and animals

  • Professional boundaries

  • Discaimer for individuals

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Sacred Transmission Ceremony

  • Empowerment process

  • Heart connection

  • Blessing from Spirit






Next training dates - in Edinburgh & Online 

 June: Sat 15th & Sun 16t

October: Sat 26th & Sun 27th

more dates might be added according to requests

What you will need: one feather and 1, 2 or 3 stones that you connect with. The stone should be able to fit in the palm of your hands comfortably and it should be small enough and flat to sit on your foreahead. Allow the stone(s) to choose you.


Please note that this course will not give an introduction to healing with crystals, therefore, please use them only if you have previous knowledge and training or you feel the call to incorporate them within the practice.



Preparation for the Ceremony: To support the empowerment process, the day of the ceremony, you are asked to refrain from eating red meat, drinking alcohol, minimise the use of caffeine and if you smoke cut back and smoke as little as possible. This will help in your process of purification of the physical body and it will allow the energies to work more efficiently and deeper, as well as create great benefits for you. The Sacred Transmission will allow the energies to flow through you more freely.



Case Studies: When you have completed your case studies and the self evaluation note, please email a copy at If you have any question simply get in touch.



Exchange: £250/ or £220 The course is offered on a sliding scale according to your income or budget 

A £45 deposit is required to confirm your booking. 


To book your space and for more information

please email or phone/text 07556575645.

Introduction to Feather Stone Trainingby Elise
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Image by Daiga Ellaby
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