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Abundance Sessions

This series of sessions are designed around the theme of abundance and manifestation and focus on releasing whatever is stopping the full expression of your abundant self on Earth. 

Through the years, I explored many different practices, trainings and courses to release the distortion within the field and embrace a life of true abundance. I peeled many layers and still am doing so, but I feel ready to share some of the tools I learned along the way.

Abundance is many things and can have a different connotation for each of us. We all have the right to experience the wealth of life and reclaim the power of our true divine nature. Often, we grow up in a society and environment that doesn't support and believe in our infinite

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capacity to create. Instead we might receive imprints of lack, deprivation, guilt and shame, even for expressing our true desires and wanting a good life. It is time to release all these distorted patterning within our field and reconnect with the flow of creation and abundance that the Universe wishes to offer. 

These sessions are for you if you feel ready to make a shift in your inner and outer experience. They require commitment and willingness to change and transform. 

We all know that there is no a magic wond or quick fix in healing but many layers of consciousness to explore, transform and release. 

Reclaiming our true abundant self and creative nature is our birthright. 
It would be an honour to assist you on this path.


Divine Healing Master Key

Journey of Abundance

Three 90 mins Sessions 

  • Clearing of vows and past lives programmes

  • Activation of qualities of abundance

  • DNA Light activation & upgrades

  • Manifestation journey of your true desires

Abundance can touch all the areas of our life, not only our financial and material wealth. We all have a very personal definition of abundance. We may wish to include loving relationships, creativity, spirituality, and more. 


During these sessions, we will work on releasing what is blocking the full expression of your soul, trusting the principle that "what you want wants you". We will also embrace a process of envisioning and manifestation and will access together a vison that can serve your life at this time. 

**This work follows the teachings and principles of Divine Healing Master Key and its founders, specifically, in this case, Dr. Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire.

Shamanic Healing & Intuitive Arts

Journey into Creation 

Four 90 mins Sessions

  • Exploring the desires of the Heart

  • Working with the Creative energy

  • Bridging the Vision into the Body

  • Releasing blockages & resistances

These sessions aim to empower your creative self and support the manifestation of the life you truly wish to experience. Together, we will journey through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel: East, South, West, and North, and we will access their guidance and healing. 


The four directions represent a compass of creation, the natural flow, and movement of life. We are nature and the embodiment of pure creative life force. 


The sessions include shamanic healing and intuitive arts practices. Through the arts we can remember the vastness of our being and access the essence of life beyond the veil.

This journey invites you to flow through life as a conscious creative being. It is time to reclaim our ability to create the world we wish to live, and it all starts with the creation of our inner reality and experience.

What's included?

  • In-person or Online Sessions (the number of sessions depend on the container you choose)

  • Personalised journey plan based on your intentions and needs

  • Check in/ Consultation at the beginning of each session

  • Audio practices to unfold in your own time ( per month)

  • Email support in between sessions (if required)

Where: Sessions are available in-person or online, either at Santosa Wellness Centre,  21 Albert St, Edinburgh or St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road Edinburgh.

Exchange: £380 / £480 depending on the container you choose (introductory offer).

Sessions can take place in person or online. Instalment payments are also available. 

If you wish to book a package, ask any questions or discuss your requirements simply email or phone/text 07556575645.


Looking forward to be working with you!

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