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Cycling Growth

Observing my path and the paths of those around me, I noticed the experience of change in awareness that happens within the cycle of growth.

Often, we start from a first subtle layer of curiosity guided by the need to understand this world and wake up into a more authentic way of living.

Then, as the heart opens up, together with our eyes, we see that there is truth beyond our imagination.

We fight the right cause and choose to serve the light, sometime expanding the polary game within our reality.

The openess of our awareness grows, and we are able to distinguish what's true and what's false.

We enter the mystery of creation and reconnect with the cycle of life. We crave nature more than anything else. We realise that we are a part of the Whole.

More questions arise, and the dark embraces us. It is time to remove the masks. The ego starts to crack and transform. Our spirit is coming through.

We renew our life through the energy of rebirth. We now see beyond the veil and can melt away the illusion of our surroundings.

The bliss is integrated and becomes our normality together with the shadow we all carry. We serve the collective to shifts it all. We serve without knowing the why, and we trust.

Surrendering in what just is becomes Key. We remember that we are all that we seek. The bliss and the pain lie within our consciousness, and we have a choice.

It is time to touch freedom from the inside, projecting the new into physcial form. Our life begins to guide others on the path of change, and so we unfold in the infinite universal dance of life and change.


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