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Awakening to our essence

Exploring the natural connection within the creative process.

The Sun is out in the Sky.

The Sun is a guide, the presence of Light within our daily life.

The Sun is always there.

Clouds simply are a covering veil.

The Sun can help us to understand what happens within ourselves.

Our inner light is always bright and shining, but sometimes clouds can cover it up a little. Moving the clouds away can result in a storm, with torrential rain and strong wind. Then the rainbow appears. And our light not only can be seen with more clarity. It also shows all its glory and beauty in a celebration of life.

The creative process is a powerful tool. It allows us to express, heal, and transform ourselves. Through the process we feel who we are and can experience joy, deep connection, and peace. The creative energy within our being is always present. It is a part of our inner light. When we allow ourselves to dance, paint, write, or sing, we clear away the clouds. In other words, we are creating space for the Sun to appear and are welcoming the rainbow as a celebration of life.

We are energy. Everything is energy. Perhaps we have heard of this phrase before, but understanding its deeper meaning takes time and patience. We are energy beings. We are pure light, exactly like the Sun. When we expand our consciousness, everything shifts, and our perception of life changes completely. We have so much in common with Nature and the world around us. Everything, including ourselves, is made by the same substance.

However, vibration and frequency can differ. Density and lightess can paint our reality and tangible experience in the physical world.

When we create art and connect with our creative potential, we reaccess the creative life force within ourselves. This life force is the energy of Nature. The same life force of the Sun is infused within us all.

Connecting with our creative energy can feel like an inner exploration of the natural world. We might find ourselves flowing freely like a river of water, bursting with passion like the flame of fire, breathing in new energy, and clearing away the old with the strength of the wind. We can sense every cell of our physical body, its solidity, its steadiness, and connection with the ground, with the Earth. We can embody the stability of a stone, observing our life through wisdom and ancient consciousness.

Our experience through the essence of life is a very personal journey. It is our choice to accept this opportunity and all its gifts. Many shades of colours are available, but we can also decide to use only black and white. The decision can be conscious or unconscious, but perhaps always in alignment with a bigger plan. Since time doesn’t exist, it is only a matter of perception. Eventually, we will all include the colours of the rainbow within our palette.

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