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Shamanic Journeys

online & in-person

exploring the gifts of consciousness

in-person events take place once a month

in Edinburgh


The sessions are an opportunity to explore the practice of shamanic journeys and relax into a blissful state of reconnection within ourselves and all of life. 

Shamanic journeys are guided meditations that help us to expand our consciousness and awareness. Through the experience, we can explore and deepen our relationship with the Soul, the Earth, the Sky, and all of Nature.

The gifts of this ancient practice are many. We can reawaken our soul knowledge into the body and receive all the support we need. We can access a vision or guidance for the path ahead. We can raise our vibration and clear away dusty energy from our field, and much more.

The sessions include the use of sacred instruments (singing bowls, drum, rattles, bells, etc.) and voice, to further soothe our experience and journey.

The invitation is for all us to let go of control and surrender into the beauty of our spirit. 

**Hear more about the class and the practice of Shamanic Journeys through the recording below.


Exchange: £20 / or £15 Classes are offered according to your income or budget.

**Refund policy Please note that we offer a full refund only with 48hr notice. Within 24hr notice, you can move your ticket to another event (if applied) or can give it to a friend at any time. 

Please bring with you a blanket, and water bottle. Yoga mats & extra blankets will be provided. 



To book your space simply visit the worshop section on this website

or access it through the link below.

For more information contact 07556575645.

Hear more about the class and the practice of Shamanic Journeys

through the recording below.

Something about the class and the practice of Shamanic Journeysby Elise
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Looking forward to be journeying with you!

Some free recorded guided journeys are also available here.

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