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Shamanic Healing 1:1 Session (in Edinburgh or Online)

Shamanic Healing is a very ancient and natural practice that awakens the wisdom of our soul. It helps to free our being from anything that doesn't belong to our true essence and brings us into a deeper connection with the Earth, the Sky and all of nature.


Shamanic healing can involve the practices of Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Extractions, Psychopomp, House clearing, Past lives work, and Ancestral healing. It can take the shape of an energy healing session or a ceremony and explore the connection with the four elements, plant medicines, and creative vision quests. 


Shamanic healing can also involve the use of sacred sounds and instruments that support the healing journey. 


Each session is completely designed around your needs and intentions.


The practice of Shamanic Healing invites us to remember who we truly are. It offers some precious tools that can support our inner and outer journey here on Earth. If we feel ready to free ourselves from blockages and limitations that don't allow our soul to expand its pure light, Shamanic Healing can help.

On the path of "healing" we might encounter many different layers to peel off. Sometimes we might have an experience of expansion, and other times things can feel challenging too. There are many tools that can support our path, and we all connect with the one that can serve a particular moment of our life. Shamanic work is all about remembering who we are, remembering that we are Love, and there is love inside and outside our life experience.

You can find more information through the link below.


Shamanic Healing sessions are available upon appointment in-person or online, either at Santosa Wellness Centre, 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh, or St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh. 


After you have booked your session I will get in touch to arrange a date and time (please check the spam folder). 


If you have any questions you can contact me at or 07556575645


**More payment options might be available through the page below, in case just get in touch and will send a separate link.

Shamanic Healing 1:1 Session (in Edinburgh or Online)

  • After you have booked your session I will get in touch to arrange a date and time. Please check your email.​

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