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Divine Healing Session 1:1 (in Edinburgh & Online)

Divine Healing is a multidimensional energy practice that aims to release any programmes of conditioning we might be experiencing in our life. It is considered a powerful tool for ascension as it supports the dismantlement of the old structure and enhances the reconnection to the Original Divine Blueprint.


Divine Healing Master Key invites us to remember and master the Universal law "ask and you shall receive".

During a session, we work with command codes that empower us back into Source. We co-create with our Higher Self, the aspect of us that is purely ascended light and wisdom, together with a beautiful Healing Team of Light beings. They offer advanced energy healing transmissions and guidance into the alignment of Truth.


There is a strong empowering component within the practice as it is quite interactive and allows the receiver to consciously acknowledge and release old imprints, programmes and beliefs.


As always, each session unfolds around your intentions and needs. We listen to the Soul's journey and allow the highest good to guide the work into a path of healing and empowerment.


You can find more information through the link below.



Divine Healing sessions are available upon appointment in-person or online, either at Santosa Wellness Centre, 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh, or St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh. 


After you have booked your session I will get in touch to arrange a date and time (please check the spam folder). 


If you have any questions you can contact me at or 07556575645


**More payment options might be available through the page below, in case just get in touch and will send a separate link.

Divine Healing Session 1:1 (in Edinburgh & Online)

  • After you have booked your session I will get in touch to arrange a date and time. Please check your email.​

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