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Holistic Art Shop

Welcome to the Holistic Art Shop, an Online and Edinburgh based creative space that invites you to connect with beautiful and magical energies.

It is with great joy that I share this work, which brought a lot of blessings into my life
and continues to be my best medicine. 

I have been drawing, painting and writing since I was little. The desire to create and share my voice through the art media led me to study fine arts and illustration for many years. After finishing the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, however, I felt deeply disconnected from the creative process and stopped painting for about a year. During that time, my life moved to London and changed completely. There, I accessed new teachings and open up my view into the many gifts of the creative energy. I allowed my creativity to bring me on a powerful healing journey and continued to develop my studies within the field. 

A few years later, I moved to Edinburgh, and the energy healing studies started to appear. Life pushed me through many initiations, and I needed answers and support. For several years, I felt that my work was moving on two different paths, then finally, I realised that they were simply two streams of the same one. Creative energy is spiritual energy. The energy that flows through an artist is healing energy. Our intention within the practice is the key to creating and harnessing specific energy into the painting, drawing, or writing. However, we are all natural channels and can connect with the
many different layers of this reality, consciously or unconsciously. The mere act of creation brings us back into our true nature,

soul and inner light. 

Often, I create my work in a sacred space or ceremony.  
I invite beautiful energies to support the space, and infuse it with their guidance and blessings. 
Sometimes, the actual energy or consciousness asks to come through directly and express its physical form into the world. 

The energy healing and shamanic practice helped me to further remember my sacred path, expand the channelling gifts and rediscover my ability to connect with subtle energies and other realms.

I create with the intention to be a clear filter and allow the energies to flow through

and give birth to colours, light, and shapes.



Illustrations about Yoga, Shamanism, Angels, Dragons,

 Fairies, and Animals.

Often I work with acrylic paints and soft pastels on paper or board canvas.


Cards, prints & originals  

are available 


Healing Paintings

Channeled paintings infused

with energy and symbols.

Healing paintings are the result of a deep meditative process where I work with energy and intentions, and allow colours and shapes to freely flow onto the canvas.

Cards, prints & originals  

are available 



Paintings, illustrations, and wall murals are available on commission. The artwork can be infused with the energies that you wish to call into your life

or your loved ones. 

Paintings, drawings & wall murals

available on request

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