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Guided Meditation & Relaxation

Offering guided meditation and relaxation classes for everyone. The sessions can last between half an hour up to one hour and a half. I often incorporate guided visualisation and imagery that help us to explore our imagination and strengthen the connection with our intuitive side.

"Meditation is often described as the art of being present. If we are fully present we are meditating, and have the power to transform everything that we experience into a meditation practice.

As relaxation deepen the quality of our inner awareness comes closer to our

natural state of being. We come home to ourselves, to the rhythm of our soul,

and can see once again the beauty of our hearts

Earth Meditation





Each class incorporates a guided visualisation and relaxation practice. We first take care of ourselves and only then can channel some positive thoughts to our planet. We are intrinsically connected to our environment, there is no separation, one mirrors the other. When we find the time to come together and connect with our true nature, we are stronger, and the impact that we can bring into our world is stronger too​

Some free recordings are available here

This guided meditation focuses on the connection with the Earth and Mother Nature. We receive the healing energies of nature and then send positive thoughts back to the Earth.

Reiki Meditation




During each class, we focus on a particular aspect of our being, exploring the mind, the body, and the spirit.


The Japanese word Reiki can be translated in “the universal life force energy that energises and animates all living things” or "spiritual energy" more literally. Energy healing is a natural and ancient form of healing that restores and balances the flow of energy within the body, mind, and spirit. It creates many beneficial effects including deep relaxation, feelings of peace, security, and well-being.

This guided meditation, combined with Reiki, invites you to relax and restore your energy 

Creative Meditation

This guided meditation combines guided imagery with some creative practice. The classes offer a creative approach to meditation and can include the use of different art materials.

The invitation is to embrace the present moment allowing mind, body, and spirit to come into a restful state of pure alignment. The classes start with a gentle guided meditation to connect with our creative energy, let go of our day and relax. Then we move into our art practice where we have the chance to explore any feeling, situation, or thought.

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