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Listening to the Voice of Nature

- Pigeon Medicine -

Nature is Spirit. Everything in the natural world can become a source of guidance and inspiration if we allow it. When we remember how to listen to the voice of nature, we open ourselves to the magic of life and creation. We commune with the Earth and all its inhabitants from the heart and can receive a great understanding of the sacred Mystery in place.

Sometimes, we believe that only certain animals deserve our attention and carry guidance. However, all the animals, the tiny included, are keepers of wisdom and medicine. Often, they are in our field and everyday life. Some, especially, enter and remain completely unseen, invisible to our eyes.

Pigeons often cross our paths. They hold the city landscapes and become one with the grey colours of buildings and roads. They are important "cleaners", and their medicine is as relevant as the one of Panther.

In my understanding, Pigeons remind us of the authenticity and dedication to a path of service. They are humble creatures who constantly clean our surroundings without asking for anything. In the past, they were also loyal and reliable messengers contributing to the communication system between humans, cities and countries.

Pigeons offer an important mirror and remind us of the humbleness of our hearts. When the heart is free from the ego agenda, we can serve the Whole without complaining or expecting anything in return.

A personal story and experience with Pigeons.

I was waiting for a friend while resting in my car parked underneath some trees. I was looking at the sky and enjoying the sunny day.

Then, I noticed many Pigeons moving around the area. There was a sense of urgency within their flying. Suddenly, I saw a Pigeon lying on the road, probably recently hit by a car. The road was narrow, and despite the day being quiet a few cars were passing by. 

While I was observing the scene, another car crossed over his body. I jumped and sensed even more the charge of the emotional energy in the air. I stepped outside the car and grabbed some fabric from the back. I took a deep breath and went over the dead pigeon. I lifted his body, still warm, and placed it in a tree on the side of the road. The experience felt emotional and a bit intense, but right.

The flying calmed down and my friend arrived. I cried a few tears into her arms and then we went over to the park nearby.

After a few hours, we returned to the car. And to my surprise, just in front of my car, a group of pigeons had gathered. They were very still and present. I stood in disbelief and looked at them. They were facing me. I was the object of their attention. Then, I sensed a loving "thank you" filling my heart. The experience was quite surreal.

I entered the car and headed home. And all the Pigeons did fly away with me.


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