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Creative Journey with the Elements - Healing Arts Scotland

Through intuitive arts, guided meditation and nature connection practices, we will journey with the four elements and explore all their gifts.


The four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) can help us to understand ourselves and our connection with nature. They represent different aspects of life and are energy allies that can bring balance into our inner and outer experiences.


When we embody nature, we are free to be who we are and can connect with the deepest and sacred part of ourselves. The workshop wishes to remind us that we are made of nature and can access her power to create at any time.


This work intends to facilitate a process of reconnection to a more creative and authentic way of living. It wishes to foster our relationship with nature and expand it into a more organic and tangible experience.


The natural world will be our guide, compass and mirror for our inner world. Together with the creative process, it will allow us to journey within and restore our full potential.



**We will begin our exploration in the studio in St.Margaret’s House but might also spend some time outdoors, weather permitting. Please wear comfortable and warm clothes.


**The event is part of Healing Arts Scotland


When: Tuesday 20th August, 3-6pm

Where: St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh

Exchange: £25 per person - Early bird till 10th of August (after £32)

(all the art materials are included)

For more information please contact 07556575645 (Elise). 

Looking forward to explorign the gifts of the Elements with you!






Creative Journey with the Elements - Healing Arts Scotland

  • **Please note that we offer a full refund only with 48hr notice. Within 24hr notice, you can move your ticket to another event (if applied) or can give it to a friend at any time. Thanks for your kind understanding.

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