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Embodying the 4 Elements, Tue 7th - 28th May, 6-8pm

Art in Sacred Space

Embodying the 4 Elements

Tue 7th May - Tue 28th May, 6-8pm 


During this four weeks course we will explore our connection with the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. We will journey through different aspects of the self and receive guidance from each element.

Through intuitive art practices, and shamanic meditation, we will connect with the quality and gifts of the elements and will awaken their power inside our being.

The four elements can help us understand ourselves and our connection with nature. They represent different aspects of life and are energy allies that can help us to balance our inner and outer experiences.

When we embody nature, we are free to be who we are and can connect with the deepest and sacred part of ourselves. The sessions wish to remind us that we are made of nature and can access her power to create at any time.

EARTH: Groundiness, stability, nourishment, strength

FIRE: Passions, visions, dreams, intentions

WATER: Creativity, flow, movement, transformation

AIR: Lightness, stillness, wisdom, presence

Creating art in a sacred space allows us to explore our creative energy in a very profound way. The space supports us and holds us tightly so that we can access the full potential of the creative process with much more grace and ease.


When: St.Margaret's House (Studio 4.39), 151 London Road, Edinburgh


Where: Tue 7th May - Tue 28th May, 6-8pm


Exchange: £35/ or £30 One class pass (please note that individual classes do not include any additional audio recordings or PDF materials provided within the course) All the art materials will be supplied.


The classes are open to everyone, as no experience in painting, art practices, or meditation is required. 

Please bring a blanket, some water, and a notebook.



Looking forward to seeing you soon!



**If you wish to access the concession price please get in touch and I will send a separate link. 




Embodying the 4 Elements, Tue 7th - 28th May, 6-8pm

  • **Please note that we offer a full refund only with 48hr notice. Within 24hr notice, you can move your ticket to another event (if applied) or can give it to a friend at any time. Thanks for your kind understanding.

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