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Painting the Tree of Life

This workshop invites you to connect with your creative self and to explore some of the symbolism behind the Tree of Life. The practice of painting and colouring helps to stabilize our inner life and creates a calm space for the mind. The Tree of Life represents the connection between the cosmo and the earth and can become a symbol of our inner journey.

The class includes an introduction to the acrylic painting technique as well as some guidance through the creative process. No experience is required and all the materials will be provided. The canvas will be prepared with some drawing guidelines, but you will be completely in charge and free to experiment as much as you like!


When: Thursday 4th of July, 6-8pm

Where: Santosa Yoga Studio & Cafe', 21 Albert St, Edinburgh EH7 5LH

Exchange: £18 per person (£15 concession), all the materials are included: acrylic paints, stretched canvas 9"x12", paper, apron, towel, paint brushes.



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