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Online & in-person classes, workshops and short trainings to explore the gifts of different energy healing modalities in a group. Most of the classes are open to everyone and often include guided visualisations, distant energy healing and relaxation practices.


Shamanic Journeys

Onlione & in-person

Fri 15th Dec, 5.30-7pm in-person

at Santosa, 21 Albert St. Edinburgh  

Special Event

An opportuniy to experience the practice of shamanic journeys in person, relax and explore all the gifts of consciousness. Shamanic journey are guided meditations that help us to expand our awareness and connect with the Soul, the Earth and the Sky, and all of Nature.

Open to everyone, no previous experience is required


Shamanic work, Nature connection & intuitive Arts

Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Balerno (Edinburgh)

Spring/ Summer 2024

Through shamanic journeys, intuitive arts, and nature connection practices, we will journey through the seven directions of the medicine wheel (East, South, West, North, Above, Below, and Centre) and will explore all their gifts.

Open to everyone, no previous experience is required

Cacao Husk & Rose Ceremony_Santosa Wellness Centre.png

Reclaiming the Feminine: A Sacred Ceremony with Cacao Husk & Rose 

Sunday 3rd Dec, 3-6pm

at Santosa, 21 Albert St. Edinburgh

The event is a celebration of love transformed into existence.

Together, we will honour the power of the Feminine within, the Goddess energy of creation and life. The event combines Shamanic Journeys, Cacao and Rose Ceremony (following the energy of the Mayan calendar) and Sacred Sounds.


The workshop is in collaboration with the lovely Aya Pacha Cacao Community.

Open to everyone, no previous experience is required

Intro to Shamanic Journeys.png


to Shamanic Journeys 

Online Workshop

April 2024

A gentle introduction to the practice of Shamanic Journeys. The workshop is open to everyone interested to learn how to journey and access the path of direct revelation. 

Open to everyone, no previous experience is required

Journey into Creation.png

Journey into Creation

with the 4 directiosn

Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Balerno (Edinburgh)

Sun 5th Nov, 10.30-4pm

During this very special workshop, we will explore our capacity to create and manifest through the guidance of the four directions: East, South, West, and North. The four directions represent a compass of creation, the natural flow, and movement of life. 

Open to everyone, no previous experience is required


Intuitive Arts Workshops

Creativeflow Arts

You can find all the intuitive arts workshops on the Creativeflow Arts website, the twin project of Inner Light. Often the classes combine the arts with ceremony and energy healing work. They are offered in person in Edinburgh and Online.


Open to everyone, no previous experience is required

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