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Divine Healing (Master Key for Ascension)

Divine Healing is a multidimensional energy practice that aims to release any programmes and conditioning you might be experiencing in your life. It is a beautiful tool for ascension as it supports the dismantlement of the old structure and enhances the reconnection to the Original Divine Blueprint.

During a Divine Healing session we work with your Higher Self, the aspect of you that is pure ascended light and a clear source of wisdom and guidance. We also welcome all the beings of light that wish to support your path and the session itself. They offer advance energy healing transmissions and guidance into the alignment of Truth.

We work with command codes, embrace the potential of the Soul and acknowledge the Universal law "ask and you shall receive".

There is a strong empowering component within this energy practice as it is quite interactive and allows the receiver to consciously release limitations and patterns. 


     Symbol by Nicolas David Ngan

As always, each session unfolds around your intentions and needs. We listen to your Soul's journey and allow the highest good to guide the work into the path of healing and empowerment.


Divine Healing has been developed and channeled by Dr.Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, Shekiera Shaozen and Mary Liomariss de Tute. During the sessions we work with their original manual, which include some of the following charts:

  • Chakra Functions

  • Dehydration/Hydration

  • Emotions and States

  • Fears and Phobias

  • God Consciousness

  • Hidden Subconscious Ego Agendas

  • Interferences and Blocks from Outside Influences

  • Judgements and Beliefs

  • Key Psychological Conflicts

  • Life Stresses

  • Main Low Frequency Programmes

  • Nutrition, Past Life Deaths

  • Qi Energy in the Subtle Bodies

  • Releasing Blocks to Positive Living

  • Sabotages

  • Traumas

  • Universal Archetypes

  • Vaccines and Toxins

  • Yin & Yan Polarity Balancing 


Where: Divine Healing sessions are available upon appointment at the Healing Hands Holistic Centre in St.Margaret's House, 151 London Road Edinburgh EH7 6AE or Online.

Exchange: £120/ £110/ £100 One hour and a half/ Two hours session in person or online. 

Please bring your own blanket, and water bottle. There is hand sanitiser within the premises, and extra cleaning and ventilation in between sessions are in place.


If you wish to arrange a session or discuss your requirements email or phone/text 07556575645




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