A deeper journey into the practice
of Shamanic Energy Healing

These series of sessions can be designed around your needs and intentions. They offer you a deeper journey and commitment into the practice, which can bring forward powerful transformation and healing.

Each journey is a deep portal of growth, which invites you to discover the  multi dimensional  aspects of your own unique being. The Soul carries so much knowledge and gifts and through the practice we have the chance to reclaim our birth right to access it and evolve. This is the path of empowerment that comes with the awareness and responsability of conscious thoughts, words and actions. Freedom is a choice of expansion into the truth of who we are, as source energy beings, and spiritual energetic imprints of the Divine.


Each journey creates a safe container for your expansion and holds a structure that can foster your personal exploration within the practice. We will schedule the sessions and practices completely around your needs and intentions. They can include:


  • Shamanic journeys

  • Soul retrieval

  • Power retrieval

  • Extraction work

  • Past lives work

  • Ancestral healing

  • Feather Stone healing

  • Ceremonies


These sessions are for you if you are truly ready to make a shift in your inner and outer experience.

They require commitment and willingness to change and transform.

My suggestion is for you to find a quiet place, tune into the heart space, and listen to all the guidance that naturally flows through you. 


If you wish to have a chat and discuss your requirements simply get in touch.

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Breaking the Chrysalis

3 months journey (one session a month)

This is a gentle journey that follows the medicine of the butterfly. From caterpillar to the incubation of the chrysalis, and then into butterfly, we allow and support our own cycle to unfold. During these sessions, the butterfly medicine might invite us to strengthen our wings or spend more time into the chrysalis itself. Each experience is very unique and will flow with the stage and rhythm of your inner journey.



This journey is for you if you feel ready to blossom into your true self. It is a shorter journey that can support each phase of the butterfly you are exploring at this time. Depending on your experience, we can move through all the phases with one set of sessions, or allow more space and continue after a period of integration.

Journey through the wheel

5 months journey

(one session a month online or in-person)

Through the five directions of the Medicine Wheel we journey through different shamanic practices with the aim to restore balance and strength into your inner and outer experience. The East, South, West, North and Centre direction will allow us to unfold a journey of self-discovery and healing. The Centre, where our journey starts with, your intention is also our place of completion, directly connected to the Heart space.



This journey is for you if you are ready to explore who you truly are, embrace the energetic aspect of life, and deepen the connection with your Soul. It is a journey into wholeness, as each directions carry different gifts that mirrors back differet aspects of your own unique being. 

The Way of the Serpent

7 months journey

(one session a month in-person or online)

The medicine of the snake is the medicine of pure transformation, where we are invited to shed the old skin and embrace the new one. Snake medicine represents our ability to constantly change, and evolve in the upgraded version of ourselves. Through our life experiences we have the chance to rediscover who we truly are and within the path of transformation can deepen our experience of embodyment and healing.




This journey is for you if you are feeling drawn to explore your true identity, and/or transform any areas if your life. Perhaps you can feel the swirling energy of change moving around you already or you sense some stuckness that you wish to unravell. Snake medicine brings fluidity, movement and also connect us with the creative life force energy that constatly flow through our Soul.

Inner path of freedom

9 months journey (one session a month)

The practice of Shamanic journey works very well with the intuitive art process. I often offer this work myself but also had the chance to collaborate with other practitioners and organisations, such as Roberta Giovedi and The Planetary Healing Centre.



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Dragon Medicine

12 months journey (one session a month)

Retreats can include creative practices, meditation and energy healing. They are normally offered in beautiful places surrounded by nature. Our first retreat was in collaboration with Giada from Invisible Caims, and took place in Dunkeld. This project creates wonderful holistic retreats that often combine creativity, yoga and vegan treats.



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