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Chakra Painting & Reiki

exploring the 7 chakras through 7 workshops

The workshops combine guided meditation, Reiki, and intuitive painting. They also includes some information about the Chakra system and energy bodies. You will discover ways to strengthen, nourish and clear your Chakras, and how to use the creative process to explore and balance your energy.

Chakras are energy centres located along the physical body. They are the subtle energy points that link our physical and spiritual bodies together. When balanced they create harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Each Chakra has a unique vibration composed of sound and colour, and it is connected to specific emotions and beliefs.

Art as a spiritual practice can help us to let go, to surrender and release. Intuitive painting creates a safe and positive space to explore our intuition and channel our inner energies into the outer world.

Reiki is a natural form of healing energy. The Japanese word Reiki can be translated as “the universal life force energy that energises and animates all living things”. Energy healing creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being.



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Grounded & Connected

Exploring the Root Chakra with Intuitive Painting, Reiki, and Meditation

January 2020 - More information will be added soon


We will start our journey from the Root Chakra, the foundation of our energy system. This Chakra represents our connection with the physical world, with our body and the Earth. Balancing this Chakra can support the process of embodiment, allowing us to expand and grow with ease.


Everyone is welcome and no experience is required.




Where: Creativeflow Studio 5.03, 151 London Road


Exchange: £22 per person (£18.00 Concession) All the materials are included: paper, acrylic paint, brushes, aprons, towels, sponges etc.



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