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They offer an opportunity to explore creativity in your workplace, to relax, and connect with your colleagues as well.

Studies have shown that creative and relaxing activities have many positive effects on the body and the mind. They can relieve stress, helps us to unlock our full potential, and truly embrace the present moment. We firmly believe that we are all creative and have the right as well as the need to express our natural capacity to create.


Below you have some samples of our offer. If you require any further information simply get in touch and we will be happy to discuss all your requirements.


Creative & relaxing workshops are available in Edinburgh. Events can take place in our studio in St.Margaret’s House, online or directly to your venue



Corporate & Community Events

Social Art Workshops

The events can involve different art materials, experimental and traditional art techniques. We love to make art more accessible to everyone and are offering different options to meet everyone's needs. Our most popular workshop includes canvases prepared with drawing guidelines that help participants to enjoy the painting process more freely. People always develop their own unique painting but starting with some guidelines can help to break the ice. Subjects can vary and are designed around the needs of the group, from landscapes to mandalas.


Activities can include social painting, mandala making, stone painting, collage, and much more!


Intuitive Art Workshops

Intuitive Painting.jpg

The classes provide a safe and positive space for free expression,  to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. Art is used as a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation. Participants have the chance to work on any subject, emotion or thought they wish to explore through the process. However, a general theme is always provided. A short guided meditation opens and closes the practice and helps to relax the mind and the body.


Activities can include painting, intuitive mandala, printing, stone painting, collage and much more!

Group Painting

A wonderful way to work in a team, and learn to create with each other! The activity offers a very interesting approach to the creative process and can help to strengthen the bond between all the participants. It can work very well on its own as well as ice-breaking for further activities.


Participants have the chance to paint sitting on the floor or around tables, depending on their preferences and abilities.


Guided Meditation & Reiki Sessions


Our meditation classes can last between 30 to 60 mins and can include guided visualisation and breathing exercises. Reiki can also be provided as an additional tool for relaxation.


Individual and group Reiki sessions are available. Reiki is a very natural and ancient practice accessible to everyone. Sessions can be delivered on a chair or a yoga mat/massage table and can last between 20 to 60 mins. People remain fully clothes and only need to breathe and relax. The practice restores and balances the flow of energy within the body, mind, and spirit. It can help with relieving anxiety and stress, managing chronic pain and insomnia, and can support spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

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