Offering Energy Therapies & Trainings in Edinburgh and around the world.


Inner Light Healing Studio is the space where the mind, body, and soul can come together in perfect harmony. Energy healing is all about reconnecting you with who you truly are. It is about freeing yourself from what is not you so that your inner bright light

can shine freely into the world.

"The deepest level of healing for ourselves is to rediscover our True Self. And the deepest level of healing others is to help them to rediscover their True Self"  France Stiene


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a very ancient and natural practice that awakens the wisdom of our soul.  It helps to free our being from anything that doesn't belong to our true essence. It brings us into a deeper connection with the Earth, the Sky, and all of nature

Treatments & Ceremonies

Online and in person

Image by Geordanna Cordero-Fields

Intuitive Art

& Energy Healing

Each session is designed around the needs of the group or individual requesting it.They combine the creative process together with meditation and energy healing and can include the use of different art materials


Online and in person

groups & 1:1 sessions

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Shamanic Healing Training

Shamanic Healing Training Level 1

(9 modules) Groups and One to one trainings are available on request. Next group starting on January 2023. If you wish to receive more information simply get in touch.

Online and in person

groups & 1:1 available

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Energy Practitioners

Online Group

This monthly meeting offers a safe space for growth, community, and healing.  All energy practitioners from different schools and modalities are welcome.


Online monthly meeting

with Tania Griffin Mackenzie

Image by Megan Thomas

Feather Stone

Energy Healing

This wonderful technique, rooted in the shamanic energy healing tradition, combines the power of unconditional love with the healing energies of nature

Treatments & Trainings (Level 1, 2)

Online and in person


Reiki Trainings

Usui System

Offering Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 

Groups and One to one trainings are available

Online and in person

groups & 1:1 available

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Cacao & Art Ceremony, White Fire Ceremony, Ceremony for the Earth, and Water Ceremony.

Groups and One to one sessions are available 

Online and in person

groups & 1:1 available

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Healing Art Shop

Original paintings, prints and commissions are available. The artwork can be created on canvas or paper, depending on your requirements. ​The paintings or illustrations can be infused with the energies that you wish to call into your life or your loved ones.

Online Shop

commissions welcome

Image by Chungkuk Bae


Usui System

Reiki is a natural form of hands-on energy healing. The Japanese word Reiki can be translated in "spiritual energy" or “universal life

force energy“. The practice of Reiki gently restores the natural flow of energy within our being 

Treatments & Trainings

(Level 1, 2, 3)

Online and in person

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Feather Stone

Energy Healing Training 

Feather Stone Energy Healing Training Level 1 & 2. Groups and 1:1 trainings are available 

in English and Italian.

Online and in person

groups & 1:1 available

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Energy Workshops

Online & in-person classes, workshops and short trainings to explore energy healing modalities in a group. Some of the offerings include Art & Energy Healing and Introduction to Shamanic Journeys.


Online and in person

groups & 1:1 sessions

Coming Soon

Sessions Packages

Shamanic Healing, Feather Stone Energy Healing & Reiki packages are available. They offer a deeper journey and commitment into the practice, and can offer a powerful healing and awakening experience.

Online and in person

groups & 1:1 available